ChipDrop finds local tree companies working in your area and notifies them that you would like some wood chips or logs (or both). The next time their truck is full they can pull up your information through our service and deliver the wood chips straight to your driveway, even if you’re at work.

Welcome to our Back to Eden Garden Project page. Here we will document our progress in creating and maintaining our new wood-chip based garden. If you would like to learn more about this excellent gardening alternative please visit the Back to Eden Film website ( and watch the free online video. The picture above shows our previous garden which was located at our previous home in Kettle Falls, WA [2008-2011]. This garden site had over 3′ of deep rich black soil to plant in and the garden was, for the most part, amazing. We did have a big grass, weed and pest problem, because we were not using the natural wood-chip method to cover and protect the soil. By “wood-chip method” we mean a covering of organic ground up branches, leaves, needles, etc. … green living material.

In the spring of 2020 we brought in a large amount of living wood-chip material and applied it to the surface of our new garden site (see photo below) on our new property, which currently has meadow grass and around 4′ of soft soil with no rocks. The garden site originally was under a cover of meadow grass and flowers. We will post updates and pictures as the project advances year by year. Blessings to all.

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Woodchips in Garden
Woodchip Pile
Back to Eden Garden

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